Breakfast Can Make a Difference

Research shows that starting each day with a healthy breakfast can have a positive impact on student achievement and other outcomes that positively affect schools.

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Students who participate in school breakfasts show improved attendance, behavior, and standardized achievement test scores, as well as decreased tardiness.

Why Breakfast Matters

Eating breakfast improves concentration, alertness, comprehension, memory, and learning. Students who skip breakfast have more trouble problem solving and processing mathematics.

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What the kids are saying

"It's like you're a car getting gas."

- 2nd grade, Erie County

School breakfast has been linked with fewer visits to the school nurse — particularly in the morning.

What adults are saying

"Consuming a high-quality breakfast is associated with better mental health."

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Nugget of information

Teaching children the importance of eating a healthy breakfast and daily physical activity helps develop habits that contribute to the future.